Many years ago, I was a small concert production executive. At that time, Jason was a small manager.

We would run into each other a lot at concerts and events. Most of our time together was spent smoking, eating, and joking around.

However we also spent a lot of our time together working on tasks. We moved stage panels in order to allow one more artist to have a stage to stand on. We climbed scaffolds while drenched in rain in order to straighten a prop. We held our screwdrivers in order to fix something we didn’t know how to fix.

We did all these things: To ensure everyone has a successful performance. To allow both the audience and performer have an unforgettable experience. One night we were having our customary after-concert smoke on the stairwell.

At that time, both of us were at crossroads in our lives. We couldn’t decide whether or not we should continue on in this industry. Thus, we began talking about our dreams and our future.

To be honest, neither of us can remember what was said on that night. But what I can say is that the support and encouragement exchanged on that night is what has allowed us to persevere in this industry to this day.

Throughout the years we have met many great companions such as Spring, Ohmixer, and er ma, ali, and big hua from Free’s. There have been several arguments, conflicts, and immature fights (that have rivaled those of couples) along the way, but in the end we always come to a general consensus and strive to support one another.

Moving forward, we will now be working even more closely together by joining to form a new company. In joining together, we have maintained the same goals and values that we had many years ago: to ensure a successful performance and to allow both the audience and performer to have an unforgettable experience. As this new company, we hope to do more together, be more detailed, create more perfection, and dream a little bigger.


If you love all types of performances. If you dream of working in the entertainment industry.
If you have a plethora of creative ideas.
If you strong sense of responsibility towards your work.
If you are patient and detailed when encountering complicated problems.
If you are serious and focused, not afraid to work hard, and have the sufficient strength to face many challenges.
If you strive at working independently yet still communicate strongly in team situations.
If you believe that this job will not be a typical mundane job.
If you are interested in joining this challenge-filled industry. COME JOIN US!

If the above combination of conditions and skills describes you, you are welcome to apply to join us.




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