Many different shows and their presentation can be considered as “Technical Art”.

When imagining and planning a show, the show must be able to be created using the technology and equipment available to us today. In order to achieve the variety of effects and creativeness that we want, the show must be created within the technological confines of what is available today, or we must allow time for research and to allow manufacturers to create the technology that is needed. For live events, our job includes setting up staging, lighting, audio, video, mechanical props, and more. The technical solutions department is responsible for arranging, adjusting, testing, integrating, and managing the technical side of the show. We use the professional understanding that we have of today’s technology to execute the product and effects that the client and creative team desire.

The Lead Engineer is responsible for the technical management of each project. His/her’s content of work is often not confined to a certain framework but include adjusting the program to the site’s topography, the setting up and breaking up of the stage, ensuring the safety of the performers and audience, and restoring the venue after the show. The Lead Engineer must stand in the shoes of the promoter, the artist, the production team, and the audience, when managing the construction build process. For example, as the head technical coordinator of a concert, the Lead Engineer is not only required to obtain the hardware required for the program, he/she must also work within the limits of the client’s budget while still satisfying their ideas.

Past projects include: Golden Horse Awards, Golden Melody Awards, Golden Bell Awards, New Year’s Eve events, local and international concerts, commercial presentations, and more.

Many people do not understand the importance and function of the technical director of a professional live event. All shows, large or small, will use a variety of systems and effects, and there are always bound to be problems. Common problems include: hardware not operating correctly, video signal delays, unwanted noise in the sound system, and even interferences with communications equipment. The Technical Director must prohibit these problems from happening and fix them to ensure the program’s quality and, more importantly, safety.

During the production of the show, it is also the technical director’s job to use the technical aspects of the show to achieve the dreams and imagination of the client. The technical director is required to have complete knowledge of the integration of every hardware and technology that he/she is working with.

Past clients include: Mayday, S.H.E, Jonathan Lee, Leehom Wang, David Tao, Della, JJ Lin, Jeff Chang, Richie Jen, Hebe Tien, Khalil Fong, and more.

The stage manager is like the eyes of the production team. In a performance, the stage manager’s job is to organize and record all of the needs and processes of the show, and he or she must also that all of the show’s needs are met on-site. The stage manager is in charge of the coordination and progress of all departments, including lighting, audio, stage building, and etc. The stage manager plays a key role in creating the best performance for the audience.

Past performances include: Hebe Tien If Tour, Della One In a Thousand World Tour, JJ Lin Timeline World tour, Jonathan Lee, Above Taiwan Concert, Hennessey Artistry, CTBC Banquent

Marketing planning is just like performing. One minute on stage equals ten years of work off stage.

Each show requires the brainstorming and planning efforts of the entire team before the fireworks can happen.

Standard: We set a standard for every show. It is our job to look into every detail to ensure the safety of each event.

Persistence: We persist to uphold the quality and standard of each show.

Integration: Because of our integration of hardware, software, and marketing, we are even more efficient and adaptable.

Innovation: We are innovative, specializing in a diverse range of events. We enjoy meeting new customers to develop new creative ideas.