The Production team is in charge of the planning and execution of live events. We start from scratch and collect relevant information including: the show’s core values and purpose, artist positioning, target audience, and etc. After deciding on the theme of the event, we begin arranging the song sequence and the program, and we begin planning the different forms of media that we’ll use to resonate with the audience. As we piece the event’s blueprint together, we communicate with each of the relevant parties and departments to complete the job.

At the site of the event, we act as the eyes and hands of the director through assisting and communicating with all the various units of the onsite team. We coordinate every detail of the show including: guiding the performers to the right positions, handling and executing props, reporting every situation on stage to the director, and etc. Our job is to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and our goal is to bring everyone a moving experience. Our clients include B’in Music, Warner Music, HIM Music, Linfair Records, Hennessy, China Trust, and China Resources Group.

A script is the map to each event. Each segment, every up and down, has been cleverly designed by the production team. The script is the draft of our design, as well as a communication tool we use when interacting with other units. With the definitive concept that we have, we add the elements of all of the units including music and visuals. The final product is a realization of the program in the form of a three-dimensional and atmospheric presentation. Taking Yoga Lin’s Fugue Concert as an example, the show begins in a jazz city, arrives in a magical dream, goes through the idea of the subconscious, and finally ends with the rediscovering of Yoga. Every segment has a concept, and each one is chained to the other. This is all possible because of the script.

The concert director is the leader of the production team. He/she clearly defines the direction of the program and script, communicates it with every unit. At the same time, the director needs to understand the feasibility of the script and the technical abilities of each unit. The director works closely with the client, adjusting the show to the client’s core values and message. During the show, the director must need to make split second decisions to ensure that the show is carried out smoothly.

Program planning and design includes: planning the set list, choreography, props, band, visual arts, music, special technology, and etc. We begin by understanding the client’s ideas. After careful communication and discussion with the client, we begin creating each segment and theme of the show. Our specialty is to express and convey the content through storytelling and using different types of technology and media. This allows the audience to have a unique experience that they can remember for the rest of their lives.