Engineering production is like the practitioner of creativeness and conceptualization.

As it convert a musical score into beautiful and moving music.

As it use professional equipment to transform a playbill into a magnificent show that is marveled by all.

Engineering production is divided into equipment and staff. Engineering equipment is the most integral part of having a great performance results. The engineering staff is responsible for integrating the equipment to provide a professional environment.

Other than having high quality professional equipment, B’in Live’s engineering department also consists of some of the most professional and experienced engineers. All of our lighting, audio, and video engineers have over 10 years of experience in producing a great variety of events, which ensure that they can produce a brilliant and safe show.

Stage lighting is a tool used to create an atmosphere and to express ideas and images. Lighting is also used to create a landscape for the central theme of the show, and it integrates the theme with the stage design. The process that the lighting engineer has to go through includes installation, adjustment, testing, and assessment of safety, while also coordinating with other equipment and systems onsite. The lighting engineer uses his/her craft to create an environment that has an emotional effect on every single audience member. Past clients include: Hennessy, China Resources Group, CTBC Bank, Della Ding, Jam Hsiao, Khalil Fong, Jonathan Lee, JJ Lin, Wakin Chau.

Sound is the voice’s most direct medium, and it can also directly affect the outcome of a show. The audio engineer must first understand the producer and performers’ sound effects, audio requirements, and the characteristics of the venue before creating a sound plan and system for the show. In addition to the sound that the audience hears, we also design and provide a sound system for the artist and performers to hear, so that the artist can perform to the best of their ability. Past clients include: Mayday, Cheer Chen, Yoga Lin, Jam Hsiao, Golden Melody Awards, Golden Horse Awards, Golden Bell Awards, and Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival.

Video is the most direct way to convey an image during a show, and it is also a silent and fast way to integrate the audience with the show. With the constant advancement of science and technology, the overall presentation of video has become ever more important. The video engineer must first coordinate with the stage, visual, and lighting designers to understand the main themes and concepts of the show. He or she must then create a suitable video plan that enhances the overall show and performance. Past clients include: Jay Chou, Mayday, S.H.E, Sodagreen, JJ Lin, Yoga Lin, Jam Hsiao, Jeannie Hsieh, Golden Melody Awards, Golden Horse Awards, Golden Bell Awards, and various New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Engineering Coordinating with the TV program, engineering the set lighting, operating the audio console, configuring video equipment, assisting other engineers, and acting as directors and production staff, are all the tasks that our set engineering team has to take on. Their job is to execute the program and content that the producer wants and creating the best images for the TV audience to see.

Past clients include: Kangxi, Xiaoyan Night, Genius Go Go Go, I Am A Singer, Super Nightclub, Gentleman King Show, Full Force, University, Super Star, Guoguang Help, Super Idol, and many more.