The Design Team is where creativeness meets endless possibilities. Our job is to use artistic effects to integrate all aspects of an event and to present entertaining and aesthetic visuals for the audience.

A combination of Free’s and B’in Music’s design teams, the B’in Live is design team is focused to the “brand” philosophy, and dedicated to a high level of quality. We endlessly pursue new innovations and breakthroughs while always upholding our enthusiasm and professionalism for all of our clients. The Design Team is also actively growing a new generation of creators, and we’re always adding new and innovative minds to our team. Whether you’re a partner that has worked with us for many years or a new client, we are definitely the design team that you can count on! We hope that we can work with you in creating your dream!

Concert Visual planning is comprised of many different elements, from visible structures and images to nonvisible aspects that include the use of smell and other sensory emotions. Through the complete presentation, we want to convey an array of emotions and themes to the audience and create a memorable experience. For example, we once used perfume at a Mayday show in order to produce a different type of experience to the audience using the sense of smell. Other shows where we have used special visual presentations include the use of floating projections at a S.H.E show and the use of water bombing at Super Slipper Festival.

We provide stage & set design planning for:
Concerts, Theater Shows, Awards Ceremonies, Banquets/Dinners, Corporate Events, Fashion shows, Press Conferences, Galas, Private Parties, and many more.

The main goal of Stage & Set Design Planning is to allow the audience to see the event’s theme and message through the design. We also hope that our designs will assist with allowing the product to interact and communicate with the audience.

Dynamic Visual Design is creating videos based on rhythms and melodies to accompany music. We start with a song’s lyrics to capture the meaning of a song and transform it into images. The images echo the content of the song and strengthen the effects of the song. Song Visual Design services include: animations, live-action filming, documentary productions, and more.

Graphic Visual Design based on a two dimensional graphic designs as a way of communication and expression. Through graphics, colors, and texts, we create images that convey the concepts and ideas of our clients. Some of our projects include: Hebe Tien If Concert – “Dog Days Are Over” Graphic Layout, color, dynamic integration of visual and spatial designs; Using videos of scenery from around the world as stage and set designs, and combining two and three dimensional designs to create three dimensional sets.