Jonathan Lee It’s Better To Be An Old Man Concert

Event Date | December 27th & 28th, 2015
Event Location | Taipei Arena
Company Role | Production Coordination
Production Team | Binlive

“You can’t go through life without hearing a song by Jonathan Lee.” “Why don’t you act more boldly? Smile, and face the difficulties of life!” The Godfather of Mandarin pop music, Jonathan Lee performed a concert at Taipei Arena on September 2013, the sold out tour then continued on to 25 more cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Singapore. It was the hardest ticket to buy in the history of shows at Taipei Arena. In 2014, Jonathan Lee finally announced his It’s Better To Be An Old Man concert, with performances in Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, and more.

“Time goes by” was the concept behind the artistic design of the cube. From the very beginning of the show, Jonathan Lee’s handwritten lyrics can be seen in the visuals. Jonathan Lee takes the audience on a journey back to his old home in Peitou, recounting the attachment he has for this place.
We began with the origin of Jonathan Lee’s creations: “Home” and “A small room”. Whether it was his old home in Peitou, his home in Beijing, or his home overseas, we used the ideas of Jonthan Lee’s home as the main theme of this show.
The projection onto white silk cloths and tree-like truss structure made this show unique. Jonathan Lee was able to sing duets with famous singers of the past through the use of projection technology.
The lighting inside the “Timeline” cube was difficult to perfect. The lighting couldn’t be too bright or too dim, and it had to be adjusted several times, which added onto our costs. Under the pressure of added costs, the production team had to find a way to adjust the lighting to get the effect that we wanted.
The text scribe prop was visually artistic and beautiful. It turned out far better than what we had originally imagined, and it should inspire future shows to use artistic designs and props.
The white silks and catwalks were exclusive to only the Taipei show, due to other venues’ regulatory issues. When we bring the show to other cities outside of Taipei, we need to make the necessary changes in the program and visuals while also not cutting down the show too much.

Concert Producer: Ocean Yang