2017 Taipei Lantern Festival

Event Date | 4th February ~ 14th February 2017
Event Location | Ximending, Taipei
Company Role | Production
Production Team | Binlive

2017 Taipei Lantern Festival was staged for the first time in Ximending Area (including: Ximen MRT Station, the station roof, and the nearby buildings), aligning with the visual effect of the Main Lantern Area, providing a more coherent visual experience as the landscape immerges in the event.
At the main display area for the festival, a “Street Theater” concept is being featured for the first time, integrating the visual design element, a wonderful light-sculpture, a 360 degree LED screen to create a unique Theme Lantern Area for spectators who felt like they were in a space five times bigger than the Taipei Dome.


Producer: Chien-Chang Feng
Project Manager: Astrid Kao
Technical Director: I-Chun Li
Stage Designer: Chien-Chen Lin
Visual Designer: Wano