Baboo’s Amusement park

Event Date | 14th January ~ 28th February 2017
Event Location | Kaohsiung
Company Role | Promoter, Production Coordination
Production Team | Binlive

45 Days happiness x 4 themes x 12 areas x 15 entertainment attractions and more.

The new concept of the amusement park “Baboo’s Amusement Park” from mascot, production, to the amusement park operation was designed and organized by B’in Live. “Baboo’s Amusement Park” contains 4 theme areas with the story about the four main characters: Baboo (8咘), Wu-Hua-Guo (5花果), Tao-Qi-Dan (淘7蛋), and Xiao-E-Mo (小2魔).


Producer: Wallace Wen
Project Planning: Pure Chang, Apple Lio
Technical Director: Ajhen Hsu
Stage Manager: Bill Liao
Coordinator: King Chiang, Brenda Hsu, Ping-Chung Tsai
Production: Patricia Yin, Yanme
Stage Design: Alan Yeh, Charles Lee
Visual Engineering: Dragon Lee
Audio Engineering: Chia-Ping Lin
Lighting Engineering: Bing-Liang Jhou